Edge of Chaos is a political podcast starring Joe Ryan and Neurotoxin. Its aim is to have a free-flowing discussion of news and current events that also examines the empirical outcomes of public policy, avoiding biases based on ideology and policy intentions. Listener discretion is both advised and encouraged.

About Us

Human society prides itself on our technological and scientific advances through empirical rigor. Yet rationale for laws and political agendas continues to rely predominantly on the snake oil and wonder tonic called 'ideology'. The mission of Edge of Chaos is to poison the well of ideological political thought. We are here to perform rational, empirical cost-benefit analysis of public policy and strategies for change; with a splash of brutal humor at the expense of politicians, pundits, and other public figures that embrace failing ideological doctrine then seek to mislead the public about it. Our focus is predominantly US politics as that is where we are based, but we spend a lot of time on foreign policy that effects other nations, as well as universal political theory.

We lean libertarian about 3/4 of the time, but that lean is incidental. Libertarians are the only political affiliation in the United States with a significant empirical influence, but they are not without their share of ideology-driven immaturity, as well as those seeking to commandeer the movement for very un-libertarian outcomes. We do not endorse libertarian idealism that quotes Ayn Rand in place of empirical scrutiny, and we never hesitate to give non-libertarians their due for positive outcomes or to slap around fellow libertarians for manifesting 'rebellion' through social ineptitude.

Our Team Members Are:

Neurotoxin (Content, Outreach):

I was born in the USSR in the 1980s, a society organized around rigid and repressive cultural indoctrination. Raised for the first few years of my life in a Communist theme park where every inch and every moment of existence circled on the greatness of a monopolistic political ideology, I then witnessed the SAME adults that marched in parades and gave emphatic speeches burn it to the ground as soon as opposing it became even marginally safe. This childhood experience taught me more than just distaste for Statism, oppression, and blind obedience; it instilled a brutal and rabid skepticism of political and cultural views served on emotion and ideals rather than facts and reason – regardless of the specific ideology.

I hold BAs in Psychology and Political Science from the University of CA, San Diego, and an MSW from SDSU with a specialty in Community Organizing. Outside of Edge of Chaos, I’m heavily involved in local politics as a strategist and organizer.

Politically, I’m a structural anarchist. This school of thought is adhered to by most political scientists in the West and posits that all human behavior is driven by self-interest. I believe tempered, non-aggressive competition is the only reliable check on inequality and oppression, and that collective structures that seek to regulate competition to ‘level the playing feeling’ usually become tools of unbalanced competition and oppression; relying primarily on popular faith in their own intrinsic value and on force as a last resort.  This is true of government, but also of religious institutions, corporations and business organizations, organized labor, criminal cartels, and even community groups. STRUCTURAL ANARCHY DOES NOT PROMOTE THE VIOLENT DESTRUCTION OF THESE INSTITUTIONS. It promotes healthy skepticism about their value and places on them an empirical burden to prove it. For those that cannot demonstrate beneficial status, it suggests political behavior that disregards the well-being of the institution, up to and including non-violent disobedience and nullification.

For the purposes of political commentary and Edge of Chaos, I can be reached at

Joe Ryan (Content, Production):

I am basically the guy who has lived many places and seen a bunch more, all across the USA.  Born to old money on one side and first-generation mixed-European British immigrants on the other.  Raised in the backdrop of American suburbia, Ronald Reagan, the go-go 80s and the slacker generation.  I am not a millennial but I identify with Generation-X’ers, even though I am not one myself.  I was educated in public schools stretching from Tidewater, to the Deep South, to the Desert, all the way to the shores of California.  Seen Boston, but not New York.  Seen Philly but never been to New Jersey.  Old enough to remember rotary phones, playing outside and not having the Internet, but young enough to have used AOL when it first came out.  Basically, like my guiding philosopher and mentor George Carlin, I am of my era but am not of any particular era.  I am just an ordinary guy born in America, and a skeptic who is both cynical and optimistic, depending on the day.  I am nothing 100%, but I’ve been a little bit of almost anything at one time or another.  Nothing is bought wholesale, and everything is questioned.
I hold an Associates of Science degree in Computer Science and spend my working days supporting computers and networks in the IT field.  But my job is a job.  I also write, blog, and play guitar and drums.  I have an encyclopedic knowledge of movie lines, song lyrics, and things people have said to me over the years.  Basically I am a big American nerd, and damn proud of it.

As far as political philosophy: I started out as many white suburban middle class high schoolers do and identified myself as a Libertarian.  As my scope of knowledge of worldly facts has widened and my personality has matured over the years however, I could no longer turn a blind eye to the plain fact that things are NOT created equal in the good ol’ US-of-A, and that some people do in fact need extra help to overcome the many systemic obstacles placed in front of them, obstacles directly preventing them from living the same boring, ordinary and privileged life that I did.  I would say the simplest way to describe me is a Libertarian Socialist.  I want the US government to stop the Drug War, to stop killing and disproportionately imprisoning its citizens, to stop regulating personal behavior and making victimless “crimes” illegal, to stop invading foreign nations for the enrichment of a few defense contractors, to stop militarizing the police, and to stop shamelessly spying on its citizens.  But I also want Medicare for all, along with cost controls to keep healthcare accessible to all who need it, heavy investments in science and technological advancements and the education necessary to produce the talent we would need to usher in the Next Great Technological Era for the US.  I want us to finally get real about energy generation in the US in a way that pushes Big Oil and Big Coal out of being the top two means of energy production.  I want the government to stop awarding huge subsidies to corporations while slashing food stamps and other programs meant to feed and clothe children.  I want every disabled person to get all the government help they need to be able to live independently and hold a job if they choose.  I believe we have a duty to our veterans, and that we fulfill that duty when we properly care for them for the rest of their lives on one hand, and don’t send them out on pointless wars on the other. 
I believe that if people open their eyes and take a good long look at the world around them, they’d see that real inequalities exist and that sometimes their political opinions are based on incorrect or incomplete information.  I encourage everyone to think for themselves, to research and experience the world around them, to question everything and to be ready to change your opinion on something, even something that has been fervently believed for a long time, when better or more complete information is made available.  It is a goal I have set myself so you are entitled to expect nothing less from me.
You may contact me at:
WebArt Master(Artist , Programmer, and Web Designer):

Primarily taking care of web code, graphic design and illustrating drawings of and Neurotoxin and Joe Ryan on our podcasts here at Edge of Chaos. 

Education: Holds certifications in Programming from Coleman College, Graphic Design and Web Specialist from San Diego Continuing Education.

Currently political views are Moderate.

In my free time I enjoy learning about computer networking technologies.