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Friday, July 25, 2014

This Week's Mediacrity Award Goes To....

Vladimir Putin, and his State-run propaganda machine and all its affiliates. To everyone quoting RT and the "Russian perspective" as if these were reliable sources, and that includes many of my fellow libertarians - let me point you to a very inconvenient condition. There is not an infinite line-up of varying perspectives that are all right in their own way. There are logically sound conclusions reached by using reasoning on hard facts, and then there is mind-numbing speculation and superstition that is not corroborated by anything in observable reality. I am often perceived as brutal and inflexible for refusing to compromise with the second, but all I'm really doing is denying credibility and a captive audience to people that want others to believe things not proven to be true. Allowing their psychosis to become collectively accepted reality is NOT a fair price for peace and stability; because they will invariably abuse the sacrifice of reason to seize more power and "stable society" will be a gulag with them in the tower.


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