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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hillary's Pauper Moment

I just wanted to weigh in on the stunning and stupefying comments Hillary Clinton, presumptive front runner Democratic presidential candidate of 2016, made in last night’s Diane Sawyer interview on ABC. I’m going to leave aside her dodging the question on what, if anything, she actually ACCOMPLISHED or made better as Secretary of State, and focus instead on her claims that she and Bill were “dead broke” upon leaving office in 2000. Seriously?! Do I even need to pull up publicly available tax returns to respond to bullshit this obvious and egregious? Does she honestly think any sane or rational person not already in the tank for her is going to believe shit like this? And the way she said it: that they had “mortgageS” (PLURAL…mortgageS with an S, as in more than one) to pay, houseS (also with an S, also more than one) to find/maintain, a college education to pay for (Stanford…I bet most people wish they could even get into Stanford, let alone have their parents pay their way) and the like. This after she had already written one book, was about to release a second, after having a legal defense fund to pay for the Lewinsky mess that she now claims wiped them out, and after having the means to carpet bag herself into New York to run for the Senate (and win, lest we forget). Is this honestly what she thinks poor is? Or does she honestly think this will win her favor with the working class members of this country? See America: THIS is the kind of disingenuous bullshit we have to look forward to from the Clinton camp between now and 2016. Do not let this woman be the nominee, and stop Jeb Bush too. Send these faux, poseur, carpet bagging assholes out on a rail where they belong, and out of politics like they deserve --Joe.

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