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Sunday, March 16, 2014

McCain Still Nursing His Cold War Hard-On

No McCain, you're still an idiot, just like you were in 2008. I understand that your constituents at Raytheon, Halliburton, and Lockheed Martin are drooling at the prospect of a building a new missile defense shield in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Georgia; but the 'Russia threat' you describe is about as credible as your pal Rep. Mike Rogers' fear-mongering that North Korea would attack us last year. Where is the North Korean attack, lying Neocon scum? Is it with Saddam Hussein's WMDs, perhaps?

Further, you're not really saying anything about Obama. "Re-assess the US-Russia relationship" and "stop being flexible toward Putin" may appeal to your senile and ever-shrinking support base that misses the Cold War as the period when they could still get functional hard-ons, but these are empty generalizations that anyone who doesn't already agree with you will see right through. For once, Obama actually has a reasonable assessment of the situation he's dealing with (arguably a first in his Presidency); he realizes that Putin cannot afford sanctions nor to occupy a foreign country. If he does it, he will be deposed internally in a matter of weeks. Remember how popular, effective, and economically viable our occupation of Iraq was? My evidence is the 70,000 person protest in Moscow today against the annexation of Crimea, vs a puny 5,000 person support rally. However, if we threaten Putin and start installing missiles around his borders, his media will spin this and actually tip that domestic balance in his favor.

It really is quite pathetic that your endangered wing of the GOP is still making Obama look competent 6 years into his Presidency. But rest assured, no significant mass of Americans is listening to you, and we 'damn libertarian kids' will deal with the Democrats once we've finished expelling you from OUR Republican Party. Put it away old man, it doesn't work.


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