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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The End Is Here For Ukraine's Yanukovich.

Here's the coverage, from Fox News this time just to diversify our sources.

Notable differences between this and the last 3 months:

- This is the first time riot police have attacked an opposition camp, as opposed to trying to defend various places from having one erected.
- This is the first time opposition leaders have urged violence in self-defense, they have always encouraged peaceful protest.
- Significantly higher death/injury toll than past confrontations.

My analysis is simple:

The government is out of options. The opposition will not disband no matter what lies they come up with to manipulate it, and economy and rule of law are unraveling as a result of their prolonged encampments, strikes, and protests. This is Yanukovich's desperate last stand by which he burns bridges with the West, and seeing as it's brought 10000s more people to fight with the opposition - my prediction is that he will still be deposed by week's end. UNLESS his military jumps in on his side, which is highly unlikely.


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