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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sochi 2012: Olympics in Pyongyang

Wow.  When I first heard the words "Russia" and "Winter Olympics" used together in a sentence I was skeptical, but I don't think I saw THIS stuff happening!  No drinkable water?  Nothing in the hotel rooms but beds and blank walls, and NO shower curtains?  No toilets that flush toilet paper?  I mean, according to my podcast partner and fellow contributor, and native Russian, Neurotoxin, Sochi is a fairly popular resort destination in Russia so frankly I expected better, not "Winter Olympics in Pyongyang" like it is seemingly becoming.  This is an unmitigated DISASTER in the making, dear patrons, so warm up the marshmallows and get some beers ready because complete and total train wrecks like this only come around so often in one lifetime (as the most recent Super Bowl just proved).  Putin, you may have wanted your Perfect Olympics to show off how great you are but what you really did was enrich your friends and paint a whole bunch of lipstick on a gigantic, filthy, shit-covered pig of a city that is quite obviously not ready for thousands of Olympians and journalists to descend on it.  The egg (and filthy, brown tap water) is on your face.  --Joe

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