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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rand Goes Mainstream, Warns of A Blue Texas

Ahead of our upcoming show, to be released tomorrow morning, which contained a spirited debate about the upcoming Presidential primaries, it is interesting that Rand Paul himself acknowledges that the game in Texas is quickly changing, and even name-checked Bush The Brother and his son, George Bush The Next Generation in citing that Republicans need people who "make the party bigger."  It almost seems like the idea of Cruz/Rand just being ASSUMED to be the libertarian-type standard-bearers of the party going forward is actually becoming Cruz running the whiny, selfish baby fringe side of the party and Rand watering his message down to appeal to the still sizeable (and older) mainstreamers that voted for both Bushes, McCain and Romney in the last few elections.  Lest we forget, Rand endorsed none other than Mitt Romney in 2012.  By 2016 the political landscape, and the stances of the possible candidates, might change dramatically.  --Joe


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