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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Good Riddance, Yanukovich!

Good riddance Yanukovich; you miserable, murdering, Moscow-serving sack of shit. I'm quite disappointed that they didn't lynch you. Contrary to the cowardice of Western media reports that persistently present the Russian government's speculation and propaganda as the equivalent of observable facts - he has NO support base and NO one in Ukraine will even pretend to miss him.

The Ukrainian military has adamantly declared it will not use force against the opposition, so that route is closed.

East Ukraine, including Kharkiv where he has relocated to, is NOT in favor of him. It's merely less radically against him so he is safe there from angry lynch mobs (for now). In fact, some of his crony local politicians in Kharkiv have already fled to Russia like rats abandoning a sinking ship. That speaks volumes about how they expect their city to react to harboring the dictator.

Finally, there will be NO Russian invasion to put him back in charge. The opposition has multiple NATO members behind it and despite his asinine posturing - Putin's not even in the same league and his own military hates him. I give Yanukovich a few months, absolute tops; before he is forced out of Ukraine completely and it reunites under the opposition.

As for Russia, Ukraine is an irreplaceable geopolitical and economic domino and now that it's out of Moscow's control, the final countdown to the collapse of Putin's despicable KGB junta has begun. The lynch mobs are coming for you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, and I will be CRUSHED if you don't die the painful, miserable death you deserve.


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