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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Senate Intelligence Committee: Obama's Admin Slept Through Benghazi After All

I TOLD YOU SO! I've been saying since this happened that it was incompetence and communication failure on the part of Obama's Cabinet, and that INCLUDES the bullshit fed to the media after the fact. Just because the criticism is tainted by right-wing spin (now a group of Neocon Senators is trying to use this to keep Guantanamo open - seriously?) and by psychosis-resembling conspiracy theories hardly absolves the Administration of responsibility. No, Obama and Co. didn't do this on purpose. But they are negligent managers with a poor sense of priorities and they slept through this, then tried to cover it up. I would need more details to form an opinion on whether it constitutes a crime, but no one involved *ahem* Hillary *ahem* should be considered for any promotion to higher office after this.


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