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Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Eeh! Ooh! Ahh! Mall Shooting!" Give It A Rest....

Color me insensitive but the media pouncing on this Maryland Mall shooting insults my intelligence. Killing 3 people including yourself is by no means OK, but it is also definitively NOT A MASS SHOOTING. Ever since Newtown happened, the anti-gun propaganda machine has taken on a strategy of treating every shooting in a public place as a national tragedy to scare Americans about guns. In reality most of these are just personal disputes being handled in public, a problem older than the US itself. The only saving grace is that anti-gun lobbyists are abysmal strategists and this will produce the opposite of what they want; it'll desensitize us and make us more pro-gun. Think Israelis' or Iraqis' ears perk up when they hear on the news about the latest suicide bombing? Think again.


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