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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christie's Bridgegate - Just Another Day At the Office

Feeling like you might have burned a few bridges, Christie? :}

I haven't seen enough information to form an opinion on the extent of Christie's direct involvement. But based on personal experience and having read my share of political case studies, I can tell you that abuse of bureaucracies for political retaliation is widespread and as old as bureaucracy itself. The popular treatment of this as some earth-shattering anomaly is what's truly disturbing. THIS is what government looks like inside out - petty, sloppy, and indifferent to the effects of its belligerence on the masses. I'm no fan of Christie but he doesn't deserve the pedestal of the country's #1 villain for this; the real hope-inspiring news is that modern technology is making this kind of escapade ever more difficult to get away with.


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