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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Lesson From Ukraine

I urge you to turn your attention to the situation in Ukraine, even if only to see the facts and myths of power. Although corruption and fraud reign supreme; technically the President and his pet Prime Minister are elected, and their unpopular actions (opting to postpone a trade treaty with the EU, under pressure from Russia) are within their Constitutional authority. But this doesn't matter. They're so deeply despised that millions of people nationwide have turned out NOT in protest, but in civil disobedience. This includes strikes, blockading of government buildings, and relevant organizations defying government orders to curb the disobedience but rather assisting it with airtime, transportation, and even police refusing to attack it. All this with minimal violence; just a few clashes between overzealous fringes here and there.

While they're still in denial, the sitting government is finished. The pressure will keep mounting on them to resign to get the country back to work, and they have absolutely no way of reversing what's happening by force. My applause because they're the lowest breed of scum notwithstanding, the bigger lesson is that THIS is how it's done. Government works on compliance, we owe it nothing, and disobedience is our natural right. We earn respect and put those in power in their place when we shrug off the mind-numbing lies about the terrible things that would happen if we derailed the social order.


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