Edge of Chaos is a political podcast starring Joe Ryan and Neurotoxin. Its aim is to have a free-flowing discussion of news and current events that also examines the empirical outcomes of public policy, avoiding biases based on ideology and policy intentions. Listener discretion is both advised and encouraged.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Faithful patrons,

             In an effort to diversify our perspectives and provide for our discussion and yours first-person views at political issues in crucial domains; Joe and I have decided to add to our writing team three contributing fan writers!

- Oathkeeper Locke is an active duty service member who will be providing us an insider's view of the military, and his perspective on how policy decisions from Syria to government shutdowns affect the military and their families, and how they are viewed.

- Thelonious Jane is employed in private sector human services administration and will offer an insider's perspective on that complex and often contradictory world. She will focus on how various stakeholders including clients perceive and respond to policies concerning human services, as well as how said policies empirically affect service provision and client outcomes.

- Brian Custer is a longtime friend of Joe's and frequent contributor/guest of our show. He will be offering the perspective of someone whose personal circumstances (which I leave up to him to disclose) make him a frequent consumer of social services and other government programs. As with the others, he will discuss his outlook on policies and how they impact himself and various social services.

               The only limitations we place on our much appreciated contributors is that they stay within their topic domains and sign their posts with their respective handles. Their political views are their own and we would not require them to agree with us or concede to us, but on the contrary are hopeful that different perspectives will stimulate discussion and debate. In responding to their posts, please maintain civility and keep your disagreements and criticism objective.


P.S. This club is not "by invitation only", but we do have some pretty stringent selection guidelines and reached out to patrons we knew would meet them. If you would like to be a contributing writer, feel free to contact Joe or I. Please include your desired topic domain and personal proximity to it (education, employment, etc.). A short writing sample would also be desirable. Serious inquiries only.

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