Edge of Chaos is a political podcast starring Joe Ryan and Neurotoxin. Its aim is to have a free-flowing discussion of news and current events that also examines the empirical outcomes of public policy, avoiding biases based on ideology and policy intentions. Listener discretion is both advised and encouraged.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays From Edge of Chaos!

The Winter Solstice is celebrated with special traditions by all major religions and cultures in the Northern Hemisphere; and the Edge of Chaos wishes our patrons joy, pleasure in the company of those they love and cherish, and the fulfillment of all your holiday wishes! Our hearts are with the billions of people worldwide unable to celebrate this season according to their preference, where it's due to poverty or to political repression of their beliefs. And we honor and thank all our service members who make the sacrifice of being away from their loved ones in the line of duty.


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