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Monday, December 9, 2013

Fast Food Strikes AstroTurfed?

Would it be a crazy conspiracy theory to posit that those retail and fast food strikes were just a distraction from the Obamacare failure AstroTurfed by the Whitehouse?

- They were organized by SEIU and FastFoodForward; 2 despicable top-down organization that are an embarrassment to unions and have very close ties to the White House.

- Their demands were vague, undefined, and went straight for Federal policy rather than employer negotiation.

- As exposed by ReasonTV, their turnouts were abysmally tiny and insignificant.

- Despite this, they were blown WAY out of proportion by the likes of CNN and NBC who are known to tailor their 'journalism' to Obama's requests. Fox News responded with hyperbole and NBC pundits quickly switched to attacking this rather than saying anything reasonable in favor of the protests.

I'm sorry, but this has Obama's seal of sloppiness all over it. Get your Chicago mob tactics out of the WH. Saul Alinsky and Eugene Debs would take turns slapping you.


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