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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Virginia Governor Race A Foreshadowing For 2016?

Today's Virginia Governor race symbolizes everything that's wrong with this country. A Democratic Party officer and lobbyist neck-deep in scandals and special interest favors on one side; and yet another uterus-invading, sexual apartheid promoting theo-fascist on the other. Isn't it lovely to have a choice? However, we did learn a lesson or two. The Democrat beat that fundamentalist psycho by a paper-thin margin in a swing State, bringing to a pitiful collapse Democrats' post shut down fantasies that 'the Tea Party message is dead' and any Dem establishment monkey with a cemetery of skeletons will coast to victory over the Tea Party. For the Tea Party, it's another message to put down the Bible and focus on economics and anti-Federalism if they want to win generals and not just Primaries. For 2016, seeing as "establishment monkey with a cemetery of skeletons" describes just about every Democratic hopeful - Hillary, Biden, O'Malley - I think a more libertarian Tea Party candidate like Rand is all but guaranteed to be the next President. The Dems' one hope is perhaps Julian Castro, whom I would enjoy watching take one the establishment in the Primaries, but I doubt he would win. -Toxin

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