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Friday, November 15, 2013

Comment On Today's Obamacare House Vote

261-157 in favor of the Republican plan to delay provisions that regulate away insurance plans Americans like, with 39 Democrats joining Republicans. EAT IT, OBAMA.

The media is correct in that this has no chance of clearing the Senate. But there are totally enough Democrat votes to join Republicans in passing it; Harry Reid just won't bring it to a vote - the same exact tactic for which he accused John Boehner of all kinds of nasty things over the course of the shutdown. I have no problem with Reid using the procedural tools at his disposal as our republic is meant for that. However, this makes Democrats the obstructionist party to resolving an urgent issue that has Americans WAY more worried than the shutdown, and last I checked the Democrats' base is far less fond of obstructionist tactics than Republicans'. The Democratic establishment can't win in this situation, and I'm LOVING watching them squirm. Obamacare WILL burn and with it any credibility they and their Keynesian hypocrisy have with voters. I'm bringing the marshmallows, who's got the chocolate? :}


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