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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Casual Bigotry: If You Want It Cleaned Up, Let It Stink

I'm not sure which technological, political, or cultural trend to attribute this to - but in recent months I've seen a serious uptick in openly expressed, casual bigotry. I can hardly participate in a political or sociological discussion anymore without some idiot calmly and confidently explaining that 'white belongs w/ white and black w/ black', 'women ought to know their place', 'minorities are mostly welfare state leeches', 'Jews are all one dangerous conspiracy' and 'fags are going to hell'.

In a sick way, I see a positive in this trend though. It's not like bigotry ever went anywhere - I've seen the sociology studies. 50 years of anti-discrimination legislation have only succeeded at driving it into the closet and creating politically correct excuses for it; making it very difficult to identify and counteract. On the other hand, most of the people who hold these views do so out of ignorance and cultural corrosion as opposed to hate and malice. So, I say let's stop sweeping the problem under the rug and let the bigots be honest. It allows us to expose the under-thought stupidity of their ways and keep it from spreading, sometimes even making THEM more tolerant in the process.


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