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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All The Signs Of Party's Looming Collapse

It warms my heart to watch the political lobbies still supporting Obamacare try to pass the blame to insurance providers for 'corporate greed'. Firstly, while there is plenty to hate insurance corporations for, that conveniently vague term is a dead giveaway of political deception. Secondly, I know it's inconvenient but the insurance industry was a major signatory to this legislation - the politicians let them write parts of it and removed others at their lobbying. Much like Libbygate or the Deepwater Horizon spill, the various special interests and their pet politicians are now scurrying to blame each other and make desperate, transparently dishonest appeals to their political base. This IS your Waterloo, Obama. The ACA is irreconcilable, and it will burn the Democratic establishment to the ground in 2014 much like Iraq and Katrina burnt the GOP's in 2006. The more people deny this with unfounded emotional appeals - the harder I will rub their faces in it when it happens.


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