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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aggressive Globalism and the African Timebomb

Scary scary scary. In a chilling non-nonchalant tone, CNN describes a new 'aggressive' role for UN soldiers where they 'bring peace' by attacking one side in a conflict and changing the balance. It then points out with grave disappointment that this is only possible in places where the funding and soldier-contributing powers are all in consensus about which side to take, so sadly it won't 'resolve' the civil war in Syria or the land dispute between India and Pakistan.

I say the people in Syria, India and Pakistan ought to count their blessings. Just because the richest and most powerful governments in the UN agree on a side to take hardly makes that side best for the people on the ground. On the contrary, more often than not both (or more!) sides in a civil war or prolonged conflict are war criminals with 0 concern for human rights, and foreign intervention assists the side more willing to sell its natural resources and sovereignty upon victory insuring decades of tyranny and colonization. In light of this, it's not surprising that the UN experiments with this 'aggressive role' in Central Africa whose natural resources all the superpowers have merrily agreed to loot together for centuries, but its audacity in doing so and calling it a humanitarian mission is still unprecedented and disgusting.

While it might take a decade or two, the blowback from a globalized scheme to plunder Africa will make us instantly forget everyone from Apache to Che Guevara to Bin Laden. Like no other minority race, Africans have been forcibly relocated to every continent on the planet, enslaved, and then continually treated as second class citizens - setting them apart from other minorities who relocated voluntarily in search of opportunity and hold little allegiance to their places of origin. Meanwhile, the merger of Islamic extremism and African nationalism from Nigeria to Somalia is well-documented, and the populations of those countries are growing rapidly in abject poverty, lawlessness, and delayed development. It's only a matter of time before the rise of a charismatic Afro-Islamic Hitler, and when he arrives - he will realize Western civilization has spent the last 6 centuries building his 5th column for him. If we know what's good for us, the US needs to return to our Jeffersonian roots of neutrality and get OUT of the neo-Stalinist circus of the UN. The human rights we preserve may be our own.


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