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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's Wrong With Challenging An Existing Law?

I'm sick to death of hearing Democratic politicians and their groupie media parrot "it's Republicans' fault because they're challenging an existing law". SO WHAT? Where's the foundation for this? Attaching unrelated legislation to funding measures as a bargaining chip is normal. Why can't it be legislation to repeal existing laws? They're hoping Americans are ignorant enough of civics to simply eat this w/ out questioning it, and that's what I'm here to stop.

Republicans are culpable for the shutdown because they're stubborn and not seeking to negotiate; but in that sense Democrats are just as culpable. Reid and Durbin are trying to make their narrative about Republican tactics because they can't be caught dead defending Obamacare - seeing as the latest polls indicate 60%+ of Americans want that heap of filth repealed.


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