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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Saudi Tantrum

Regarding Saudi Arabia allegedly threatening to 'sever ties' with the US over 'inaction' on Syria and 'overtures' toward Iran, I have this to say:


Our best friend in the ME sentences women to corporal punishment for reporting rape, forcibly marries little girls to old men, artificially inflates oil prices, funnels our aid money to Al Qaeda, and meddles in international affairs to provoke conflict for profit - sometimes on our behalf but more often to manipulate us. What's not to miss? Further, the only thing holding it together is US backing. If we pull our troops and find an alternative oil source, in a matter of months it will disintegrate into smaller powers with a lynching of the monarchy that makes Ghadhafi's fate look peaceful - driving down oil prices, ridding the planet of a Medieval embarrassment that most of the world credits us with perpetuating, and giving us a shot at decent relations with countries like Iran.


P.S. Nothing here is meant as a knock on Saudi citizens or folks of Saudi dissent. But the inbred aristocracy in charge of your country is a plague, it's gotto go.

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