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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Paul Ryan to the Rescue? NOT BUYING IT.

Dear Mainstream Media,

Please stop kissing Paul Ryan's ass. Stop LYING that he and Obama are 'on opposite ends of the spectrum' and hence them talking means a looming compromise. Ryan is a sweet-talking sociopath who is pro-war, pro-police state, and whose budget agenda consists of corporatist regulation that lets the poor starve - he just CALLS it 'free market'. It's really no surprise he and Obama get along!

H/e, he will NOT solve this crisis because he doesn't get along w/ ACTUAL free market conservatives. Those 'crazy extremists' do something completely alien to you media clowns - collect accurate information - and they know their constituents DESPISE Paul Ryan; recall his addition to the Romney ticket failed to bring them over. Hence, if Boehner caves to a solution that replaces killing Obamacare with Ryan's budget lunacy, they're still liable to bounce him as Speaker. When Paul Ryan can get along w/ Justin Amash or Ted Cruz, THAT will be news. He and Obama might as well already be in the same party.

(Unrepentant member of the alternative media that's driving nails into your coffin.)

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