Edge of Chaos is a political podcast starring Joe Ryan and Neurotoxin. Its aim is to have a free-flowing discussion of news and current events that also examines the empirical outcomes of public policy, avoiding biases based on ideology and policy intentions. Listener discretion is both advised and encouraged.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Show Alert!

Be sure to click on the player or link to the left and listen to the latest episode of The Edge of Chaos, Shutdown Spectacular.  In this episode we discuss all aspects of the continuing government shutdown, including a thorough discussion of Obamacare's effectiveness as a means of delivering "healthcare to all" in America.  Other topics include Ted Cruz and his pseudo-filibuster and examination of food stamps and agricultural subsidies that includes some history of how these programs were started back during the Great Depression.  Be sure to listen and comment either here or on Facebook's The Edge of Chaos page.  Thanks for listening!  --Joe

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