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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Federal Employees and Contractors: Welcome to Reality!

How is the plight of Federal employees and contractors in this shutdown an emergency? 10s of millions of Americans have experienced furloughs, raise freezes, unemployment, etc. for 5 years, all due to a situation DIRECTLY attributable to government meddling - over-regulation of essential industries like food and health care, bailouts to cancerous corporations that should have been allowed to go bankrupt, and currency manipulation carefully renamed "QE" by the Federal Reserve. All that was par for the course because politicians LIED that we're in "recovery" and cited measures Americans don't know how to interpret. But now that the TINY minority on the Federal payroll (many of them employed in implementing the policies perpetuating this economic swamp) gets to feel our pain for a couple of weeks, we're supposed to be sympathetic? I say welcome to the real world!

The Federal government is getting EXACTLY what it deserves. Maybe now that it's run out of capacity to insulate itself from the economic disaster IT creates and perpetuates, something will change. THIS is famine-driven rebellion. Messy and overzealous - but the only way to destroy corrupt power structures long overdue for the axe.


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