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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A New Hope For Regulation-Questioning?

For those who live under a rock, on Monday a Federal judge blocked Rick Perry's Texas regulation on abortion clinics on grounds that it was meant to make abortions inaccessible rather than any sort of consumer protection. While the ideological pro-choice crowd celebrates w/ all the usual 1970s catchphrases, I'm ecstatic about this for entirely different reasons.

Regulations alleging "consumer protection" have been abused for over a century by everyone across the political spectrum for everything from mind-numbing theocracy to profit. A Federal court actually throwing one out on grounds of ulterior motives is almost unheard of; and my hope is that it will become a pattern and poison the well of regulation abuse. Also refreshing to see social liberals win by using the Constitution to divorce the State from the Church rather than toss it aside and whine for a bigger State to protect them like they have for the last 40 years.


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