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Friday, September 20, 2013

These "Do-Nothing Congresses" Are Actually Doing Their Job

As we face another looming government shutdown, I'd like to point out that the so-called "do-nothing Congresses" are actually the first ones to do their jobs in decades. Our political process is designed to be messy and slow to insure everyone's voices are heard. The problem is that the government has WAY more functions and financial obligations than it was ever meant to and hence cannot manage disagreement in a timely fashion; and the solution is NOT to erode separation of powers and other Constitutional limitations on majority rule to expedite the process. When Americans whine ignorantly about politicians "holding the political process hostage" - they're actually demanding that the constituents of those elected officials surrender their inalienable right (to representation) and bend to the will of the majority. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN ANY GOVERNING DOCUMENT THAT REQUIRES ANYONE TO DO THAT; IN FACT THE CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES THE RIGHT NOT TO.

So to hell with the unfounded implications of simple majority rule. Shut the broken machine down if that is what it takes to insure individual liberty and minority representation; and if you want "functional" government - SHRINK it. Send anyone claiming we have to hand over our rights so the majority can delude itself about the system's effectiveness over to me; I will gladly show them that ideology is the trademark of tyranny.


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