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Monday, September 16, 2013

Summers Loses, America Wins

Few Americans understand the significance of Larry Summers bowing out of the Federal Reserve Chairman candidacy; but it's as big a victory for transparency and accountability as Obama backing off on striking Syria. As Treasury Secretary, this bank-serving sociopath spearheaded Clinton's repeal of parts of Glass-Steagall - the single most important contributor to the bank crash of 2007. Glass-Steagall wasn't much more than a band-aid on the economic hemorrhage that is the Federal Reserve - but nevertheless the guy who removed said band-aid and let the banks bleed this country dry makes a disastrous choice for Fed Chairman. Summers has a "close personal relationship" w/ Obama (for all the idiots who automatically assume Wall St is aligned w/ Republicans) and acknowledged he removed his candidacy because he foresaw a fight over his confirmation. Good riddance, Dr. Summers. You belong in prison, but having you away from the Federal Reserve is a good start.


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