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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stop the War Machine!

"Commodification" is a term used by both Marx and Mises to describe value that only exists in collective human imagination, such as fiat currency or the additional cost of brand names. These economists agreed on nothing except identifying this phenomenon as an economic and social cancer that drives resources toward inefficiency, creating shortages, inequality, and cycles of disastrous attempts to fix it through regulation. While commodification has always influenced war; we have reached a very dangerous point where war, itself, is commodified. War is now fought for its own profitability, and the insatiable resource toilet of equipping and supplying it has no benefit to humanity whatsoever - its profiteers can only remain in business by commodifying perpetual conflict with an eternal promise of gains unreachable as the horizon. This war machine MUST BE STOPPED, and its political peddlers purged from office and tried for treason as deterrence to others. Otherwise, the apocalypse of war will come not from the use of some devastating weapon, but from a famine induced by our resources being flushed into a conflict whose motivation no one remembers.


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