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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Laying Down the Challenge For Local Democratic House Members

OK, so here is my open question to local Democratic House Members (Juan Vargas, Loretta Sanchez, Xavier Becerra, Scott Peters, and my fellow social worker Susan Davis) regarding their positions on Syria: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?

The Republicans from here are all warmongering neocons and THEY are undecided or leaning toward opposition; while you're all regurgitating Obama's cud about a "need to uphold international laws". If you genuinely think anyone has ever upheld international laws, or that it's our duty to enforce them - you don't belong in Congress. If you're blindly saying these things to kiss the party establishment's ass - you DOUBLY don't belong in Congress. People here haven't forgotten that you all sided against Amash on the NSA and cited the mind-numbing speculation about derailed terror plots; and if we go to Syria, you're going home in 2014. That is my prediction that I will work overtime to turn into a reality myself. Time to make a choice between the defense contractors that own South CA, and your voters.


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