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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Facts and Fiction Of Food Stamps

Alright, let's talk Food Stamp cuts. Firstly, notice that Tea Party Republicans are now doing EXACTLY what they said they would do - gutting Federal spending. Where are all you braindead emotional liberals that said they would only try to ban abortion and gay marriage? Yea, put a cork in it - I was right and you were wrong.

Now, onto the idiocy of cutting spending by tightening handout regulations (i.e. making it more difficult to get Food Stamps). Food Stamps are one giant subsidy to odious agricultural corporations that creates dependency on their products by perpetuating poverty-based demand; stop deluding yourself that they're motivated by care for the hungry. H/e, the idea that tougher bureaucratic restrictions on eligibility will address this problem teeters on psychosis. Much like the War on Drugs, closed borders, and No Child Left Behind were all intended as regulatory fixes to welfare state waste - this is another fascist Neocon attempt to use handouts as an excuse to implement cultural controls and will succeed at nothing but being a hole in our pocket. It should NOT be confused with free market economics. You want to be fiscally conservative - kill the Food Stamp program completely, give the money back to States and local communities, and let them figure out how to feed their hungry. A monkey could do it better than the Federal government; and the resulting lack of gravy train for agribusiness would be a good thing.


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