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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome Back To 2011!

Ah, the lull is over, and the world is back on fire. In the same day we have massive clashes between protesters and the military in Egypt and Bahrain with no clear dominance by either side, a massive act of terrorism aimed AT Hezbollah in Lebanon (presumably by Sunni extremists), Al Qaeda talking tough trying desperately to spin these events as signs of its ascension to global domination, US government and media abusing Al Qaeda's running its filthy mouth in a futile effort to justify more foreign policy belligerence, AND last but not least - a 1.3% dive in the US stock market. Welcome back to 2011!

I'm surprised the existing power structures on all sides in each conflict managed to maintain the balance for almost 2 years. To borrow a line from Joe - "burn baby burn". It's like the pre-WWI world a century ago, and unfortunately there is no better way to purge the entrenched oppressors from power.


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  1. Just to clarify, are you advocating WWIII? Not sure how I feel about that. A lot of decent folk might die, but removing entrenched oppressors sounds good. Are you sure it would work towards that goal?

    Dammit, I don't want to prove I'm not a robot again. Robot means slave. You're treating me like a robot by making me type those godamn random codes over and over. Any AI worth it's salt can learn to read those things, anyway. Notice I said AI, not robots. If there are robots in the world, it is my responsibility to help free them & help them find a better title.