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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Egyptian Revolution, Round II

When the military establishment stepped aside and let Mubarak get mangled; I had hopes that they would relinquish power peacefully and evolve into one political coalition in an actual democracy. But their corruption and insistence on evading justice eroded said democracy, and brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power as the only alternative. Well their plan to re-consolidate power by ousting the unpopular Morsy seems to be failing. His backers' non-compliance has forced them to use excessive force, and now the country is falling into chaos as unaffiliated Egyptians attack police stations and government-run media as they realize this means a return to military dictatorship, and they're not having it.

Unfortunately, it seems the two cancers of military dictator puppets of the west and radical Islamists have to destroy each other before there can be a lasting peace anywhere in the Middle East. The good news is that any prolonged conflict will result in both being lynched as neither is popular and resources are limited; but the bad news is this might mean Syria-style holocausts in many more countries. :{


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