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Friday, August 30, 2013

Domestic Implications Of Syria

I've been meaning to write about the domestic implications of the possibility of a Syria intervention, and now seems like a great time to do so as the UK House of Commons just voted to deny Prime Minister Cameron approval to participate.

Here in the US, Obama's hesitation is truly unprecedented, and a telltale sign of where we are headed politically. He COULD order the strike and it WOULD happen. But according to polls as opposed to the smoke coming out of John Kerry's ass; this would be the most unpopular foreign intervention in our history. As the Amash Amendment vote unapologetically demonstrated - partisanship will NOT save either party establishment from the devastating electoral consequences of such a move. They will blame each other while voters ruthlessly lynch them both in the Primaries, electing fresh blood that is united by its opposition to this dense belligerence.

I'm starting to think the strike might actually not happen, and I can't wait to rub whatever pathetic excuse Obama comes up with in his supporters' faces. He might actually outdo Eric Holder's announcement today that he's giving the States of WA and CO "permission" to regulate marijuana - as if anyone asked him for it. Stand strong, my brethren. Our hard work is paying off, and the interventionist police state trembles.


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