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Friday, August 16, 2013

Commentary On Egypt's "Friday Of Anger"

The news is slow coming out of Egypt, but here is my commentary on what I've seen so far:

Ground Situation: Without speculating attribution, law and order is breaking down completely - hence the chaos and the lack of clarity regarding what's actually going on. This is a very telling development because full combat military units have been deployed against civilians by the government and they're STILL unable to control the unrest. Either the number of people rioting in opposition to this coup is so great that they overwhelm the military (easier than you may think) - which puts to shame the bullshit reports that it's "just" Morsy supporters; OR large proportions of military and security personnel have already defected or simply refused to fight on the coup's behalf. In either case, the breaking down of law and order has a domino effect of involving more and more previously neutral parties as they both fight for their safety and/or capitalize on the breakdown to loot, settle scores with local governments, and so forth. If the government has difficulty controlling the amount of unrest now, it's capacity will diminish completely as time progresses.

Media: The numbers and labels reported are approximate at best and inaccurate at worst. How would a media source know precisely how many have been killed or wounded and on what side? How would they know who is organizing the protests, sit-ins, and attacks on government targets; and whether the people fighting on the government's side are actual supporters or police/military in plainclothes, or hired thugs? All "official facts and figures" from both the government and the Muslim Brotherhood are invariably flat out lies. A credible information source is one that acknowledges these limitations and questionable sources rather than reporting speculation as fact.

Prediction: If the coup does not gain control of this situation within the next few hours, they are finished; and my unapologetic hope is that their short reign ends with a Ghadhafi-style lynching. Unleashing full combat military against civilians is NEVER acceptable, and these guys had absolutely 0 rationale for it other than wanting to stay in power. They deserve to die like pigs.


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  1. Porcine pigs do not deserve to die. The kind in uniforms might, tho. Depending. Some of them just honestly want to serve the community. I've heard that humanity might be a chimp/pig hybrid, but my tabs closed before I could read the full article & judge the logic adequately. Anyway, yeah, lynch the bastards. Or you know, kill them quickly & humanely. Lynching means hanging, right? That might be unduely torturous, I'm not sure of the physics involved. I don't believe in torturing bad guys, just remove them from the earth's equation.