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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bradley Manning Won

My comment on the Bradley Manning sentencing is very simple - Manning won.

His sentence is a joke compared to what the prosecution demanded, and the court threw out all the charges that would have set draconian precedents in terms of free speech and whistle-blowing; locking him up for the bare minimum occupational violations. Meanwhile, the political world is on fire from his (and Snowden's) revelations. Relying on statistical polls as opposed to the smoke Sean Hannity, Peter King, and Barack Obama are blowing out of their asses - people are PISSED; and the next 2 elections will unceremoniously purge large numbers of incumbent politicians that have been defending the revealed abuses. Those who replace them will run on campaigns of dismantling the police state and pardoning Manning and other whistle blowers - and as the NSA vote demonstrated, we are already very close to the majority.

Thank you Bradley Manning for your courage; you will have the last laugh in the very near future.


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