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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thoughts On Texas Abortion Bill Passed This Morning

Firstly, stop sighing. I don't like it it either, but I'm an adult unlike most Progressives and I knew this would happen - sometimes it's effective to account for reality rather than whine about it.

That being said, the result will be complete political chaos in the Texas. There is NOTHING pro-life about this bill and it will not stop a single abortion. It's neocon fascism at its slimiest, driving demand for abortions toward large, corporate providers with cumbersome and unnecessary regulations while hiding behind religious values. Meanwhile, Texas grows ever more sympathetic toward small government brand Republicans - both US Senators from there fall into this category; and Ted Cruz handed Rick Perry's anointment his ass on a plate in the 2012 Primaries despite being colossally outspent and Perry campaigning with idiocy that made his defense of this abortion bill sound intelligent. Some such Republicans are pro-life while the more libertarians ones are pro-choice, but they all oppose excessive regulation and DESPISE Rick Perry. So if the liberals who oppose this bill play their cards right, they can use it to form an alliance and fire the entire old white corporate country club from Austin politics.

My first suggestion for that to work is to stop trying to make this about guns. Guns have nothing to do with this issue and anything anti-gun is dead at conception in Texas (pun intentional). Stop advocating 1960s style rosy-eyed Federalism. It's the one thing we small government people hate more than corporatism, and you don't stand a chance against it without us on your side. Deal with it.


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