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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Next Economic Showdown Looms - BRING ON THE GRIDLOCK!

So President Obama intends to embark on another speech campaign for his economic policies. He will start with the flat out lie that economic regulations and government-operated safety nets "created" the middle class. The US in fact had the world's largest middle class at the end of the 19th century, and it has consistently shrunk since these policies began around the same time. Obama will then go on to cite misleading measures such as GDP growth and job creation and claim these policies are pulling us out of recession. Those increases have just barely kept up with population growth so while it's not the 2007-9 plunge, we're stuck in a bad situation and the policies have failed to fix it. He will then bring these inaccuracies together to conclude we need more of the same policies, in an effort to build popular support for his proposals in the looming economic showdown over the debt ceiling and next year's budget (yes, again).

My prophecy is he will fail harder than usual. Everything he has tried to push through recently using this strategy has fallen flat on its face - gun control, immigration reform, even abusing the Zimmerman verdict. All those pesky scandals that no one has forgotten except the media also add up to general hit to his credibility. Finally, call me naive, but I believe the base of support for that economic approach is rapidly shrinking; that tends to happen when policies fail consistently but politicians incessantly and transparently LIE about their success. What we are about to witness for the first time is Republicans actually being MORE popular than Obama in a budget standoff. I don't like most Republican economic proposals either, but they're still the legislative minority and as long as Obama uses this outdated strategy to promote failed policies - they will come out on top by obstructing him. The result? The same stalemate that devastates and de-funds special interests feeding on government over-reach and inefficiency - a clear victory for the minority that simply wants LESS government and unapologetically plays the 2 brands of Federalism against each other to accomplish this. BRING IT ON!


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