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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Idiocy Of the Post-Zimmerman Unrest

I'm so tired of the hypocrisy and speculation surrounding Zimmerman. There is 0 evidence that race OR 'stand your ground' had anything to do with this, at all, period. A fundamental rule of logic is it's impossible to prove something DIDN'T happen, which is why the burden of proof is always on the claimant/accuser. So of course race-baiting provocateurs like Al Sharpton will continue to cite what "might" have happened as proof that the case justifies their ridiculous and unrelated political agendas - then act surprised and disapproving of the riots and violence that directly causes. I'm not even convinced Zimmerman is personally innocent. But there's no reason to believe it had any of these macro-political implications. NONE. No matter how large the chorus of sheep screaming the contrary gets. CITE EVIDENCE OR SHUT UP.


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