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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Snowden Is Winning

Make no mistake people - Snowden is winning; and watching our arrogant politicians that like to act omnipotent squirm in their helplessness against him is absolutely delightful. Threatening potential asylum countries and insisting our allies ground planes and deny them airspace comes with a HEAVY price. These policies inconvenience and offend millions of people worldwide who were previously oblivious to the political stand-off and likely don't even know who our government is hunting, but emerge opposing the policies. So in essence - Snowden is forcing police-state apologists to expose themselves to the world as belligerent fascists whose witch hunts have no regard for anyone's rights or well-being. And when he manages to get away as I predict he will, they will also expose their belligerence as nevertheless incompetent and ineffective. Mr. Snowden, I salute you and the organizations behind you. The destruction of global faith in police state policies that you are causing is LONG overdue.


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