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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Response To Amash-Conyers Amendment Failing

Breaking News: Amash-Conyers Amendment to curb NSA surveillance failed 217-205.

Don't think for a second that this is a defeat for the liberty movements. Sure, it's a setback and I would have preferred to see it pass and create a gorgeous stalemate over this year's NDAA if Senate or Obama tried to block it. But nevertheless, it cleared every procedural hurdle and 94 Repubs and 111 Dems voted in favor  of it - against the wishes of both Boehner and Pelosi. The media is in denial and calling these alliances "unusual", but the reality is that it has been building for some time and we've reached a point where neither party's leadership can control its caucus. That's because the proportion of independent voters in the US is the highest in our history and politicians are starting to realize that voting along party lines is political suicide. Come 2014, incumbent heads will roll (again) in both parties' primaries AND in the generals - with the rolls for this particular vote being a HUGE consideration for who to keep. I will be surprised if multiple leaders in both Houses are not deposed from their leadership posts even if they are re-elected. This isn't a victory for centrist scum like Boehner/Pelosi/Reid/McConnell/Obama - this is their last stand, and their intelligence-insulting rhetoric is evidence they realize this.


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