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Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama Joins the Post-Zimmerman Chorus - Even I Thought He Was Above That

It's one thing when Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton parrot the unfounded speculation of "race!" and "guns!" regarding Trayvon Martin - they're washed-up conflict mongers with nothing to offer society and we expect this from them. But Obama joining the chorus is intentional, calculated abuse of Trayvon's death to push through completely unrelated legislation such as gun control. It'll fail like everything else he tries; but the mere strategy is far more racist and offensive than any idiot in a KKK hood saying Trayvon deserved it.

Even as your devout critic, Mr. President, I NEVER thought you would stoop to this. Oh, and Trayvon could NOT have been you; seeing as you grew up in Hollywood surrounded by rich white people. Stop playing the "I'm one of you" card with minorities - it's dishonest, racist, and sickening.


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