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Friday, July 26, 2013

Like It Or Not, Libertarians Are Winning

I would like to personally thank all the establishment politicians from both parties for rolling out in emergency defense mode against the "dangerous libertarian streak in both parties" in response to the narrow failure of Amash-Conyers anti-NSA legislation. They've made 'libertarian' the most frequently used word in political media in the last few days, insuring that any remaining Americans who haven't heard of us familiarize themselves with it. And seeing as everyone hates them and as their speculative, emotion-tugging bullshit in defense of the NSA is more unfounded than Obama's gun control advocacy and race-baiting over Trayvon combined - we simply couldn't ask for a better gift than being labeled as the 'crazy extremists' who oppose it. Remember what happened in the 2010 elections after party establishments and the media tried to marginalize the Tea Party as 'crazy extremists' for opposing Obama and the Republicans that placated him?

Keep deluding yourselves that libertarians are just some extreme fringe of young people that will eventually get absorbed into one of the major parties - that cluelessness and reliance on obsolete organizing strategies just make our ascension that much easier.


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