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Sunday, July 28, 2013

For All You Liberals Considering Liking Obama Again....

For all our liberal patrons who were beginning to buy into Obama's "I'm talking about the economy while those obstructionist Republicans...." charade - here's a necessary toxicity injection. Here's Obama expressing "disappointment" that a man who Yemen's puppet government imprisoned at his request on kangaroo charges after exposing the realities of our drone strikes has been released; after only 3 years of torture and solitary confinement instead of the planned 5. That's not a 'phony scandal', that's a series of war crimes. In civilized countries - you get hanged for that. There's a reason a majority of Democrat politicians are voting with 'libertarian' Republicans and against their own leadership on civil liberty issues; and "notice I'm talking about the economy but ignore the lunacy of the content" is a pretty pathetic attempt to counter-act this.


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