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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Istanbul Protests: Omens of the Next World War?

Behold, the Arab Spring infects Turkey! I said over a year ago that the Syrian Civil War would spread until all of Asia Minor is enveloped in a single regional conflict with no geographic borders - and this brings us one step closer. Just wait til sh*t hits the fan in Iran. My deep sympathies are with the millions of people living there, but a cleansing of the murderous psychopaths ruling those countries is LONG overdue. The region will emerge with far more accountable and benevolent governments, just as Europe did from the combination of WWI and WWII.

If we want to avoid the excesses of that conflict, we should learn from our mistake 100 years ago and stay the f* out of it. If our competitors China, Russia, and the EU want to bankrupt and politically collapse themselves by getting involved, all the better of us. THAT is American exceptionalism; NOT the carpet-bombing of some poor brown boogeyman to protect the interests of our mega-corporations and Federal contractors.


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