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Friday, June 14, 2013

Syria Is the Embryo Of WWIII, and If We Want To Keep Our Country - We MUST Stay Out Of It

As an American, I am deeply troubled by our escalating involvement in what I lovingly refer to as "the Syrian clusterfuck". While I realize the attention of most politically involved Americans is currently focused on the variety of domestic scandals, I feel that this issue carries a significant potential risk to our well-being and the details of it are far easier to influence through activism than the age-old reality of spying and government over-reach.

Syria is a relatively small country with about 20 million people, mediocre development, and few resources with the exception of its opportune location that can be used to charge trade tariffs - an income source that is clearly not easily exploitable in its current turmoil. War is expensive and it destroys the domestic economy (especially civil war), so how does a country like that endure 2 years of brutal sectarian conflict and not collapse internally to the will of starving mobs that hate both sides equally? The answer, of course, is outside funding and support. The Syrian Civil War is NOT A CIVIL WAR AT ALL. It is a proxy war that is quickly turning into a modern cold war front - where regional powers like Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and their respective global curators China, Russia, the US, and the EU battle for control of a vital geographic location to determine which bloc carries the brunt of the global economic downturn. The fact that the fundamentalist idiots on either side of the Shiite-Sunni spectrum are the pawns in this game makes for a good argument against US involvement, but honestly there is far more at stake here than the fate of Islamic extremism. As the conflict progresses, all the curators become less apologetic and secretive about involvement, as evidenced by Democrat In Name Only Obama's declaration today that he plans to use Al-Assad's deployment of chemical weapons as an excuse to openly support and arm the rebels. The war is in a stalemate precisely because the resources of global and regional powers are essentially infinite considering its limited scope.

Well folks, proxy wars coupled with global economic crises and paralleled by tariff and currency competitions between superpowers have an historical pattern of turning into world wars. The Syria situation (as well as Iraq, Lebanon, and maybe even Turkey) is eerily reminiscent of the Eastern European and Southeast Asian conflicts that eventually evolved into WWI, and the Southern European civil wars (Spain, Italy, Portugal) in the 1930s that culminated in WWII. Both clusters were coupled with their own parallel global economic meltdowns. If we don't want the United States involved in the next devastating and thoroughly pointless global war mess, we have to advocate for non-involvement before our commitment makes the costs of neutrality outweigh the benefits.

Please contact your legislators and tell them to stand up to any and all plans Obama has to meddle in this conflict. Congress has a pathetic 10% approval rating - they'll listen.


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