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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Neurotoxin's Analysis of the Internal Turkey Situation (this is NOT over a park)

Let's take a closer and more independent look at Turkey.

1. Turkey IS a democracy; a developing one with high levels of fraud and corruption, and lingering apartheid laws - but nevertheless competitive elections and representative govt.

2. Like most of the world, Turkey has been facing abysmal economic conditions, and the neighboring Syrian conflict has destabilized it. The discontent with PM Erdogan is over his "handling" of this by protecting the economic elite and foreign investors while everyone else suffers, calling THAT "free market".

3. In bona fide Parliamentary democracies - ruling coalitions deteriorate with a fraction of this discontent, meaning the PM is fired and elections occur. But Erdogan has tried to erode the democracy by repressing the opposition - arresting journalists, gassing protests, extending apartheid. SO, countrywide riots involving 100,000s of people broke out over the gassing of a tiny protest of a planned demolition of a park. People are simply sick of being gassed and arrested for disagreeing.

4. PREDICTION: The protests have completely overwhelmed law enforcement and Erdogan is irrevocably finished. Their one uniting demand is that he GTFO so they will NOT respond to anything he says, and the military is unlikely to step in on his side. He belongs at the end of a rope so I'm saddened that he'll probably be exiled to a permanent resort vacation, but that's the world we live in.

And THAT, folks, is how popular disobedience is the final check on government excess, even in a democracy. I doubt we will reach the point where we need something similar in the US, but should we - it will happen faster and with less provocation. Unlike those poor Turks with rocks and Molotovs, we have GUNS.


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