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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crony Capitalists vs Psychotic Treehuggers; Whoever Wins, YOU Lose.

           Someone tell me how shutting down the San Onofre nuclear plant is cause for celebration? If you live in South California, like we do, you realize energy prices are already through the roof here and we face perpetual shortages and periodic waves of rolling blackouts every time there is a need for maintenance. I'm well aware that the plant had technical deficiencies uncovered in the wake of Fukushima, and that its corporate operators and their pet bureaucrats made some rather despicable attempts to cover these up. However, the tree-hugging idiots on the other side of this battle like "Friends of the Earth" are not a concerned collective of educated citizens. They are starry-eyed naturists with 0 understanding of any kind of science - whether it's physics or economics - and they're opposed to conventional and nuclear power sources altogether. The plant is not beyond repair, and the utility made it clear that they're shutting it down not because it can't or shouldn't work; but because the incessant costs of the legal challenges and other conflict organizing from these groups have made it not worthwhile to operate.

            Well I congratulate you braindead hippies on the victory of your fantasy of reverting humankind to cooking over fire and subsisting off non-fractionating wild wheat over logic and reason. It must feel great being the patsies of green energy tycoons which you carefully pretend are not every bit as corporate as your alleged enemies; and being responsible for worsening conditions of Californians living in poverty as a result of rising energy costs for green energy's profit.

             I couldn't be sicker of getting stained by the urine while the various corporate tycoons and their pet politicians and ideological groupies piss on each other. THIS is why we need a market that the government stays out of - because the greedy will always put the dumb behind the steering wheel.


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