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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Administration's Excuses on Benghazi Grow Ever More Laughable

"Pentagon spokesman George Little said the U.S. Africa Command operations center in fact told the men to stay in Tripoli, Libya, because ... they were needed to assist with arriving flights carrying the remains of the dead and other personnel in Tripoli and to assist in aiding U.S. personnel evacuated from Benghazi."

Seriously? So is it common practice to use our special forces military personnel overseas as glorified paulbearers, bellboys, and - my absolute favorite - crisis counselors? Or do we only do that when our consulate is lit on fire by 60 "protesters" armed with assault rifles and RPGs, with our diplomats still inside? This is beyond pathetic. I've seen 6-y-os come up with better excuses for not doing their homework. This will turn into Obama's Watergate, and I'm waiting with marshmallows in hand. Arrogant dismissiveness should NEVER be tolerated from politicians.


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