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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama is Now Unofficially "ex-President"

Obama "counter-punches"? More like "throws desperate rabbit punches off the ropes". What is new or effective about throwing random underlings like Steve Miller and James Cole under the bus, re-affirming confidence in an Attorney General everyone on both sides of the aisle wants to see locked up, and simultaneously agreeing that Americans have a right to be angry and calling those who criticize him a 'political side show'?

Obama's Presidency is essentially over. His strategy of drumming up public support for shitty ideas to pressure legislators to agree was already running out of steam; and now, no matter how he twists and spins - this flurry of scandals will leave it dead in the water, and likely make Congress even more disagreeable to him in the next election cycle. Welcome to your lame duck years, Mr. President. This is why your politically educated, independent critics sat out the election and let you destroy Romney - we counted on you self-destructing within a few months, and we were absolutely right.


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